Pursuing change with design thinking and digital technology.

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An idea is legion when leadership and community meet with a purpose.


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design and technology.

Conceiving a design approach appropriate to the challenges of the 21st century is no easy feat. Especially when products are framed as a generic “I/O black box” rather than the intricate dialogue it is, involving stakeholders even beyond the "end user."
For this reason, our method involves:


We think extensively about liveability, community and governance applied to the strategic design of digital products and services.

service design

We conceptualize ideas that demonstrate a disruptive impact in a community, or that point out problems in a niche as a result of the challenges of digitization.


We pursue the relentless desire to address not only the digital products of tomorrow, but also the behaviors that they awaken.

This is Abceleradora.

A design thinking studio focused on creative cooperation. We get involved with impactful digital products & services, and with leaders who seek to change their environment from the eye of design.

“The details are not the details.
They make the design.”

Charles Eames

Architect, designer

Consequences give our work all of its meaning. They are that important. Without them, no amount of work, no matter how grandiose, has any lasting impact.

- Youce

Director of Abceleradora

For general requests:

Abceleradora LLC
228 Park Ave S, Ste 65637
New York, NY 10003